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tv   RT News  PBS  April 9, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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wednesday night. washington can see here. and there nineteen students and one adult and injured tonight after the sixteen year old sophomore student went on stabbing and slashing spree that tonight the high school in pittsburgh. the violence began in a crowded hallways just minutes before classes started african regional high school. police arrived at the nicotine in the morning to kingston's running out the door it's called the victims are expected to survive the four of the students did suffer serious wounds. the suspect
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in custody but no motive is that if you know. please respect the bloody crime scene was asking me take a couple of days to process school because for the forseeable future. this is the secret exposed by national security administration with a lower average snowden hashanah like the government is willing to go in order to sponsor the the sudden saga has also demonstrated personally reputed to be a permission to dream the most prominent whistleblowers and the us are taking their message and transparent college campuses and eileen bell has the story it's america's most well known whistleblowers in los angeles to discuss the current state of government surveillance. usc students are hearing from edwards who has learned to read it. the man behind the pentagon papers and all else heard and it is a whistleblower told the straight. my own government and change itself from the constitution. a silent coup against the constitution placing
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itself. ridding itself of forty. to teach an emergency powers. emergency powers. we are operating in that mode ever since. truth be told. in a series of decisions are made as a result of the failure of nine eleven we have to remember nine eleven was fundamentally a failure you would use because the car is too big to fail he was used as an excuse to engage in a whole series of activities and operations there were total violation of what we actually stood for since nine eleven. if people were out to expose government incompetence ineptitude and things that embarrass the government get hammered. scared people shall we. they're not doing
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their duty the porsche motorsport show. all for the forwards like iraq is like edwards noted helper to drink a toast use of secrets and were talking loudly and espionage act. throughout the decades whistleblowers have played an important role in investigative journalism the obama administration finance and eighty eight different people for who to blame it on spying activities etc canadian industry should be more and more than all previous restrictions on its own so that is appalling record on the next step would be much change your mind right now. we're trying to expand its broad least it gives an illegality. what the church was really pressed which the truth behind that inward looking critically at what the president was one of my knowledge to this day make
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an effort which will go to work to get the truth the ball in hand. the upshot of that is the meaning is due to this day. we don't have nearly as many whistleblowers for us we could and should have. as the primaries by which the is informed about what's going on with a fork the authority has now decided the press is on track. billy conduct themselves. increases in secret to control information what you lack wisdom of the propaganda when the obama administration has come under fire for pulling up to whistleblowers. privacy advocates are trying to teach the next generation of journalists the importance of whistle blowing in a democracy. in los angeles for multilingual rte it's no secret that when radioactive water began leaking from japan stricken to pursue nuclear reactors three years ago the frankness and first responders their work those dictators the high levels of radiation. new information
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suggests that us military personnel aboard the uss reagan who also came to the rescue. i am suffering severe health effects that they believe are caused by radiation exposure. david shows us how the fog affecting one for me me feel like the last three years former navy officer michael seaboard has been perplexed by the condition that no doctor to see me explain just four months after working as part of the cleanup effort of the petition a nuclear meltdown. see one bull crap and found that he could no longer push or pull his right arm and he would later find out that his arm had been quickly losing muscle mass stay with my right leg right leg is actually seventeen centimeters taller than my left leg. some basic this cafeteria for the right side there to try to figure out what his doctors are still trying to diagnose eve morning after more than a dozen medical visits to this article examines and although
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it's been hard to detect the morning the coltrane is radiation its curse and to think it's due to genetic causes mutations that causes birth defects. the damages dna. bandung. if you have a radiological bomb isotope lodged in your body in soft tissue and bone marrow. this is the concern really a good long term exposures than the reality now facing countless us sailors and marines who acted as first responders to petition a disaster. many of the service members who provided that humanitarian relief for aboard the uss reagan and in a three year since dozens of them dearly in her twenties and thirties have already been diagnosed with ailments like leukemia. testicular cancer in ivory disease. now they're part of a growing class action lawsuit against the plant operator tokyo electric power company also known as tactile the suit
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alleges that the power company provided false information to u s navy officials about the extent of the radioactive contamination spreading into the air and water and the servicemembers the telco is by and large to claim questions are surfacing regarding exactly how much indeed he may have known about the radiation especially considering the kind of equipment aboard the uss reagan and nuclear powered ship. there are is lots of radiation detectors both fixed in position to monitor the arm of the radioactivity from the reactor itself propulsion reactor and also lots of geiger counters so um we're quite sure that the navy was aware of the radioactivity um but that was not been communicated to the sailors that were in harm's way the city denied the allegation in fact the pentagon says it studied unveiled the non radioactive levels and that that
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information was reviewed by and non governmental group in a statement a r t a spokesperson for the needy said the worst case radiation exposure for crew member on the uss ronald reagan is less than twenty five percent of the annual radiation exposure member of the us from natural sources of background radiation such as sun rocks and soil. but he always said that math just doesn't pan out. during the fishing effort he was responsible for measuring radiation exposure to equipment anti u s person now. my job. so to say that it's a normal day to radiation this is the one hundred percent bogus seen born and his colleagues were measuring the amount of exposure in what's called ccp answers were correct in pounds per minute. a normal background radiation from the summer ik no special event in your hand is about fifteen to thirty c cp and at one point in intensity. i was reading three or four hundred cc pm just in the air
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unfortunately the level of exposure will be difficult to prove because the officials seem to mind his radiation measurements with the montana attached to his medical records. never happened so we could get it. the differing accounts seem more like his fellow first responders who have to flee for his day in court. i'm hoping to find the answers to these unexplainable illness. an irrigated rt. ukraine's from authorities are battling to deal with professional contacts in eastern ukraine within forty eight hours either by diplomacy or force and he kept protesters occupying government offices and have barricaded streets as our duty to report that looks set to continue the fight despite the threats from the capital the kids around a range of new station building and enhance the baby on tuesday to see people used to hire bob dwyer magnets and then actually sending the things people to fight the entries of these
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paintings period as they say to the petition called him and saying hi to any discount but super nice and funny at all the governmental buildings taking that advice in the grapes off the taxes in the bottom and right away seventy three disciplines hope that it probably looked interior minister called lance and i didn't have to ration and we heard from the authorities and feel that all those responsible for the cds of that decision made just eight is an instant you crying. it's not conceded by authorities in kiev as for tis will be severely punished twice for the people of their pastors and water in about the ss me well. we also hear from them and the province after ukraine's interiors neo movement the way to the east of ukraine. they say that. i took the seat but that's not because life is not to want
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what the nats and newmont is another case in ukraine and that is how to add local security all face painting national bank still remains occupied by protesters who cannot recognize authorities in kiev and say they would not abate the orders and say they are wasting for a referendum to me how he had to get more independence from ikea so far. visitation is peaceful but no one can guarantee that it'll stay this way either. no one can predict what may happen that's great loss not to eat as in his new cranes. osgood express concern kept using mercenaries to quell unrest in eastern ukraine russia claims are one hundred fifty western military contractors have been reportedly brought in for a private security firm called great stuff. us denies the reports are due to its uconn has the details in a span of less than two months we've seen washington
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co from shearing a protest with takeovers of government buildings in kiev. exactly the opposite not trying to help heal quell the uprising in the eastern part of ukraine. moscow has accused the us is sending mercenaries disguised as ukrainian special past police to crack down on protesters new on his website grey stone says is providing various security services details are nowhere to be found gravestone is known as a mercenary firm that the us government hires a specific operations with secrecy as it may just be the firm has denied its presence in the bank has an intended capacity in the sense that it's an independent business is that the ability to plausibly deny any allegations in a while the us government to say we don't know. the grayson was founded by erik prince who also created the infamous poetry contracting firm formerly known as blackwater
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mark porter received hundreds of new easel dollars to protect u s personnel in your pocket afghanistan mercenaries became known for their recklessness. in one incident in two thousand and seven a group of blackwater contractors shot and killed seventeen iraqi civilians and wounded twenty others are declared in hot dogs. no one was held accountable. we have to recognize that this leopard cannot change its spots. it is the same beast and it's a predatory organization is accountable to no one works in the shadows as a consequence of the people the world. i have defeated them. the bad reputation blackwater has gotten from the wars in iraq afghanistan and its management has rebranded and we named the first several times. it was called the services of one time and it was fun to see services that graced our split off four years ago. some lawmakers are pushing the obama administration to arm ukrainians. i want to
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know when i think the american people should know maybe most importantly the people of ukraine should know. why won't we give them some defensive weapons with respect to our name and providing assistance to the ukrainians. the fact is that we are currently working with due credit. some carefully worded statements by washington to keep the extent of its operations and ukraine largely unknown in washington and heading straight down rt the presidential election held in afghanistan on saturday which cost million afghans were registered to vote appear to be cleaner than the two thousand election. according to complete figures released tuesday by the authorities why was i did not ease in the run up to the elections to journalists were shot one of them killed while covering the preparations and ellie election day takes the experience fewer violent incidents that didn't have nine to five polling centers opened due to security concerns able to support both the preliminary results
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issued for an election that is so critical to future political stability of the country. chant with trolleys on schedule to be completed by the end of twenty fourteen yet another big change coming up our keys make it look as was working on a series looking at the us military exit strategy. after more than a decade of war in the country. nothing has been done is complex by the military. this is. berlin airlift the bottom. talking really billions of dollars dollar at what point does the porch for working fast now i were to make it look as for my checkup reports making things for turning me what to
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expect reefer story tomorrow what's her story is willing to lay out the scene of a military veteran grant the signs of which we haven't seen since the phillies world war tool for perhaps the premier left so we're talking about in the height of the war there were hundred thousand troops forty eight thousand vehicles a twenty three thousand cargo punt which equates to eight point one five million items in awe so this first story lays out the scene a late snack and geographic challenges now in its regional back to the pool and hot weather the weather is very unforgiving things like that looks out the financial challenges were talking about thirty two billion dollars worth of equipment to take five to seven billion additional dollars to get all that out and also the diplomatic challenges. obviously afghanistan is surrounded by a lot of countries that are exactly from its united states of trying he got injured in pakistan obviously tensions with russia and ukraine crisis things like that so it kind of looks at what's going to take to get this thing out. not an easy
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process was the reporting process like when you're covering this. this series like to tell you how many of the iron. obviously because there are so many different organizations and agencies involved in this process. it really creates aard my mentors people to get that story so i had to coordinate with the deal deal with the department that with the secretary's the departed which centcom which means come. i found that such i was really a difficult end to all of them on the same page and can be answering the same questions you don't want to try to pass the question is off to meet one another. and also to include nation with people that are coming on the ground or formally on the ground while some investigative work on interviews for things like that and adventure out to california to actually take one of those depots where all this equipment is going back okay well with the logistics and operations to mention our mind going. you spoke with what is the sense you got from santa i'm an all local level to use up with these
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people in a teeny military et-cetera. oh well you know it was really slick and all i had in two thousand and two cats and that is going very well in a statement it into shape for the anzac marine david writes that they believe the general conference was in control of getting his equipment on time successfully will meet at twenty fourteen deadline however i'm curled up with mcgregor who i've spoken to on several occasions. he is really hadn't because he thinks that the past two generals that were in the theater in afghanistan time can slow down the process as a general alan general betray us slow down the process of withdrawing the commissioner to protect the troops still has the predicted twenty fifteen or twenty seventeen. arlene is interesting what else i have are you covering the rest of the series comfortably at the park. well this first part as i mentioned that looks into the just the broad landscape looking at the logistics and we also look at some of the way some of the record i was never used that went on
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to the scrap yard right off the advent and blind actually created a wheel to look at the us knows vehicles were specifically created for these wars in order to deal with actor insurgency efforts hands to protect troops from itv is to look at or will they have an afterlife in what would a civilian. i'm in a kind of look like and are already being implemented in a police agencies across the country and then we also won't look at the idea of finding the pentagon that if the person on it ready by twenty seventeen years we talk about that. very interesting cannot wait to catch it started when i had to make it look as if i'm thinking of. york police officer currently embroiled in an assault trial has been sued by another occupy wall street campaign. officer greg hall said he was purposefully elbowed in the face by stephen mcmillan had to potty park in lower manhattan he was trying to arrest protesters marched seventy two thousand well. mcmillan denies the charge she strong
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and viable to keep that one of her bras from the greek come to light the trouble has a lawsuit launched against the federal court for allegedly injuring another protester that same day. by dragging him down while the boss intentionally out on his head on each seat. he and eight other protesters are still in trouble several colleagues in the nypd and city authorities for allegedly violating the constitutional rights by resting in the first place joining us is lauren will function as the press representative for justice precisely that of raising awareness about the screen villains case thank you very much for twenty mi housewife athlete has happened on that day. what is new on the plane over already so is that six month anniversary lunch i was thinking of the peaceful celebration happening not going to cottage park eyes as he has also happened to be a day pakistan days ancestry was actually not there and protesting capacity goes unsaid on her way out to celebrate with friends. i won that these officers began here at the park she complied
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with those orders on to the buena park. someone grabbed her from behind by her right breast lift her up off of her feeds on she is actually throw her arms and into action and inaction of relief that the person in the face. i've turned out to be the top person. i did. any subsequent actions that she has no memory of what all of the military video evidence of my witnesses that saw her being beaten by police officers into the care center time to look up in hospital with her body completely covered reasons. well well it's it's been over two years since this happened on the series. from your account is very true that the internet. how is she coping now. it's been a very typical tears for her and it's basically betting window in addition to physical injuries sustained she also suffered ptsd. come in and sort of just two years of having the seven year prison sentence of her head out to the charges has been given seven years for felony assault police officer. i'm
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begging us to pray also for them to cd and support. yeahh practice committees on an on going support inquiry and also to social media. i just don't like precisely to be up against an officer who is with the nypd has such a device if history with the occupying movements. as i would be what's it like for her to the effort that's why this officer he's got he's got other people also bringing suit against him for allegedly assaulting them as well. this isn't something that's gotta be easy for her to look at as far as winning the case and in overcoming the police department has got such a divisive history with the occupying the effects. so the resort of mar allies the look and in that regard sir i think it's been a very demoralizing process to see the ways in which the nypd on the da's office and the courts sort of collaboration the sounds are for passion of the people on
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spending and there is a motion for sample by her letter to conceal as much as i mentioned this particular office of a bell has a history of assaults on has multiple other assets against him for salt and purchase a force on the anglican believe that those that history is relevant to this case the judge has ruled that is not relevant. this case and actually added we've been fighting on the resort was confiding in court and just anyone the right to even bring up those that history all in in the course of a struggle. so it certainly does seem as it's definitely not a what we're up against the forces that seems as if you are what are your chances of winning this case your opinion. it's difficult to say it will really depend on the jury and went to jury selection right now i'm not think that the thing we can really be doing on to support the sling also to stand up against place for scotty is to be packing the courts every day so we know we've had a great show of support thus far on the ppv been working people and information when you're
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sitting there has been supporting such glee on her website justice for something dot com. amen for having us to come out today shows the jury and shows the judge that weird when i can take it sitting down and we take these kinds of passions are celebrities in place. kelly very seriously. all right thinking very much affordable for press representative for justice for sicily the summons. well granny is getting her groove on how long island and funny boy doesn't like it back in january to feature a nursing home residents son came by for visits and found this photo. among her designing rather strapping young man reading entertaining for his mother and her friends at the nursing home. now her dollar bills which were suppose to be locked away in a commissary account had found their way in. the priests of the male dancer. the sun is filed suit claiming that the events were held for the enjoyment of the staff and that his mother lack the mental capacity to understand what was going on and she has a lifelong that
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this has been defiled the nursing home now contends that the stench out of which there have been several one as an entertainment event for the patients as quickly was done in good faith. i had the professionals right anyway that doesn't turn out for more of the stories we covered the tt dot coms last parking america. i went to art to the conference usa council calling on twitter and twenty france team that carried ep. asians are worse the finish line. marathon the house. hearing. old
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spending enough money to defend. he is attending the twenty ninth. between hotel room rental cars and other travel expenses. he racked up a two point nine million dollars bail for just one night. worth a read that many around the pool and a security team called the city the buffet where the hospital then every christmas when i get to the site. american military
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helicopters flew over. the i was hoping the kids didn't care that because of the first time. the security tab for knocking entire district in the life beyond belief and military brothels back of their own ten million euros for obama inaugural brothel visit. they usually spend a security meeting when the president why. we need nine hundred berth in the draft the two hundred and eighty three. i finger puppet and conference rooms the hotel called the hotel which cost one point five million dollars total. and i am fieldhouse was walking range however a complimentary champagne for every day. not everyone in the nine hundred the traveler we got to thinking about having racked up an additional four hundred thousand nearby crown you can be sure to indicate that the mayor were pretty bad
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right. granted one hundred and forty three who must remember these are more than million dollars. and the lower forties by me and go to the school. every twenty feet up to get there the armored cadillac known as the light actually took the trip to brussels to the airport one it will cost more than two hundred and twenty thousand dollars and i were to operate. there is a million times over the obama fandom of fifty million dollars i made quiche and a trip to africa cost about one hundred million. so why do we be outraged and three million dollars for a night in belgium. please be outraged everytime we hear about and read with allergies of respect our money coming to me for a snack. i'm not making love with all of our money while. even afford to
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act anymore. a trip to belgium. clean. we needed any rate our government overspending and three. we hear about it but talk about that by babbling and play at the back. check. the it will multiply. each. this was the icing. each chew. we knew
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we will. to . he's trying to get their state rule ten point plan she in tokyo china's president has called for a new type of relationship with the united states one that's based on trust. she didn't they made the request in a meeting with u s defense secretary turntable in beijing broadcaster cctv said she called for greater cooperation and managing differences and sensitive issues. major country


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